Drinking Dragon Guidelines

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Drinking Dragon Guidelines

Post by The Dungeon Master on Sat Jun 04, 2016 11:42 am

1. This board is for both IC and OOC discussion of the campaign in Forcalador. Certain threads may be reserved for specifically OOC or IC discussion - these should be marked with [OOC] or [IC] in the title.

2. When making OOC comments in an IC thread, set them off with parentheses, brackets, or some similar fashion.

3. Your characters can be dicks to each other. You, the players, should strive to not be dicks to each other. Be mindful of each other's feelings, and communicate OOC or in private of you feel like things are getting out of hand.

4. It's perfectly possible for several of your characters to be present and participating in a scene at the same time. To more easily differentiate between characters speaking or performing actions, many forum roleplayers use text if a different color for each of their characters (e.g. James the Just's dialogue is written in blue, Erin the Irascible's is red, and so forth).

5. Things besides talking that are generally okay in here: walking around Aeleryn; buying items; eating, drinking, and being merry; etc.

6. Things that are generally outside of this board's scope (require escalation to roll20): combat or anything that requires die rolls.
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